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2205 capillary coiled tubing

ASME SA789 alloy 2205 Coiled Capillary Tubing for Control Lines
A direct hydraulic control umbilical provides direct hydraulic control of each valve on a subsea christmas tree, through a bundle of tubes from the topsides hydraulic power unit (HPU) to the subsea tree. No electrical power or signal is required. Actuation of valves is by the supply of hydraulic power to the relevant tube. This is accomplished by opening the relevant valve on the manifold located on the topsided HPU. This type of umbilical is limited to subsea production systems with short offsets to the host and few trees.

Available Alloy Grades for Coiled Capillary Tubing

2205 capillary coiled tubing


S31603/316L/Alloy 316L

2205 capillary coiled tubing


S31803/S32205/Duplex 2205/Alloy 2205

S32750/Duplex 2507/Alloy 2507

Nickel alloy:

N08825/Alloy 825

N06625/Alloy 625

2205 capillary coiled tubing
Alloy 2205 Duplex Stainless Steel Capillary Tubing Features

Close dimensional tolerances

Enhanced mechanical properties

Superior surface finish

2205 capillary coiled tubing

High cleanness of inside surface

Controlled ovality, eccentricity


Alloy 2205 Duplex Stainless Steel Tube Norms

ASTM A789 / ASME SA789

ASTM A632 / ASME SA632



Coiled Capillary Tubing Process

TIG welded and cold drawn

Seamless and cold drawn

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